We solve your Electric Vehicle challenges.

Developing an Electric Vehicle (EV) is hard. There are endless challenges and tight timelines. We design and build custom Vehicle Architectures, Battery Management Systems, and Motor Controllers so you can focus on the rest of your project. We specialize in quick turn development, keeping your project on time and on budget. Our systems are designed to fit your vehicle perfectly, eliminating Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) integration headaches. We use ISO26262 processes for regulatory compliance, maximum safety, and no surprises.

We look forward to ensuring that your EV works flawlessly from your first investor demo to the full production run.

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Battery Management

Battery Management Systems (BMS) are computers which protect Lithium Ion batteries from harmful or unsafe conditions.  Battery cells function properly when they're neither too hot or cold, too high or low in voltage, and when they're being charged or discharged at safe currents.  If any of these conditions are violated, the BMS shuts down the battery pack. Occam designs and manufactures BMS that manage up to 256 battery cell groups.

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Motor Controllers

Motor Controllers act as the throttle in electric vehicles.  They control motor torque and speed, the same function that a gas pedal and carburetor provide in a gasoline powered car.  Occam designs and manufactures motor controllers for systems up to 400 V at 400 A.  Our most innovative motor controller to date has been a 400 V, 350 A, 140 kW (188 HP) controller for a major aviation company.

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Electric motors have very distinct advantages over combustion engines when it comes to simplicity, longevity, and maintenance. Occam focuses on designing around and amplifying these advantages. We have expertise with building motors that have horsepower ratings up to 134 HP, enough for most cars. Our most innovative motor to date is a lightweight but high-power motor for a major aviation corporation.

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